Driven by passion for electromobility

EV MOBILITY is founded with the mission and zeal to empower and energize the EV-olution of Mobility into a sustainable lifestyle for our customers.

We believe EVs will drive the transformation forward to a cleaner and greener future – however, a widespread EV take-up can only be achieved through providing choices and incentivising consumers. To make it into a reality, we are working with partners across industry to bring to our customers – a complete EV charging system: convenient, safe and cost-effective smart charging solutions.

Encouraging drivers to charge their cars in ways that minimise the impact on the grid must be done through engagement and rewards – so we evolved to optimise the entire charging experience for our customers.

Our Vision

We strive to create a sustainable future together with our customers by engaging and transforming to meet the needs, and going beyond to deliver a complete e-mobility world for our customers.

Our Mission

To accelerate mass adoption of electric vehicles by creating a convenient, reliable, and affordable EV charging solution that connecting the EV Chargers’ operator and EV Owners seamlessly.

Our Value

Customer centric, accountability, integrity, creativity & innovative

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