A series of grants and rebates for EVs and chargers make driving electric as green as it gets. Check out the Singapore government incentives for EV charging and contact us today to find eligible grants or incentives for your EVs & Charging facility.

EV Common Charger Grant (ECCG)

Up to $4,000 Back for Home Charging

Singapore LTA gives 50% back on EV charger and installation costs (up to $4,000) for non-landed private residences (NLPR). The ECCG will co-fund installation costs of 2,000 EV chargers at NLPRs based on first come first serve basis. The ECCG will be available until 31 December 2023, or until 2,000 chargers have been supported by co-funding, whichever is earlier. Contact us to check on the eligibility and apply the grant today.

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